Mibbinbah would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands upon which we walk and work. We pay our respects to the Elders past and present. We rejoice with the rising generation and are working for their brighter future.

Mibbinbah’s Vision

(i) Using ‘proper way’ to create safe spaces for spirit healing, empowerment, celebration and education & training. (ii) Enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to regain their rightful place in society, whatever that may be in any community.

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What is Mibbinbah?

Mibbinbah is Australia’s only national Indigenous male health promotion charity. It seeks to undertake a range of activities to build the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island male groups and their communities across Australia. Mibbinbah is also known as Mibbinbah Men’s Spaces, because of its strong leadership and advocacy for establishing culturally safe spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to explore and enrich their identity, well-being and skills.

Mibbinbah maintains links with a national network of over 1500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males and community groups across Australia. It seeks to celebrate the great diversity of culture and language represented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Since 2007, Mibbinbah has coordinated a national program of events for males from these communities, including an annual men’s camp. Please explore the site to learn more about Mibbinbah’s camps and other community activities.

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