Mibbinbah and the First 1000 Days Project

First 1000 Days Australia – the Australian Model of the international 1,000 Days movement – aims to provide a coordinated, comprehensive strategy to strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families so they can address their children’s needs from pre‐conception to two years of age, thereby laying the best foundation for their future health and well being.
First 1000 Days Australia uses the period from pre-conception to the age of two, as a time to:
Build resilience– Support families, organisations and communities to better prepare for, respond to and transform from disruption in Australia and elsewhere in the world.
Learn and innovate – Generate important new knowledge that addresses some of the most complex issues facing our families, and catalyse innovation through cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange.
Lead regional initiatives – Foster high levels of commitment to and alignment with the vision, values, resources and infrastructure to support family strengthening before and during the First 1000 Days.
Generate and use evidence for impact – Produce robust, applicable research evidence about what works, promote the implementation of high-impact and cost-effective programs, and enable the capacity to influence the adoption and scale of such interventions.
There is a consensus among First 1000 Day Short Course participants that men and their roles in families and communities as fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, sons and leaders has been underrepresented in forum discussions for some time.
As a response to this the Townsville short course participants, in November 2017, wrote messages to men about the importance of their role in family and community to ensure the goals and aspirations of First 1000 Days are met.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, researchers, community members, front-line workers and policy makers to provide a coordinated, comprehensive, culturally informed intervention to address the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families through a multi generational and dynamic expression of family.
First 1000 Days Australia working with Mibbinbah an Indigenous male Health promotion charity is assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males through Mibbinbah’s vast network of support.
Mibbinbah has been established as an independent not-for-profit Indigenous men’s organisation. One of the key objectives of Mibbinbah Limited is the development and support of a larger network of men working in the field and transferring knowledge about social and emotional well being.

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