Mornington Island Be The Best You Can Be Program

Good morning from Beautiful Mornington Island.

Today Tuesday the 19th of July we have our Be The Best you Can Be program running at the Wellbeing Centre for our lads. All are welcome.
The program is run in partnership with The Wellbeing Centre and The Royal Flying Doctors Servicewellbeing%20centre.JPG?bounding_box=800&mode=fit
wellbeing centre.JPG

In Unity

Jack Bulman | PhD Candidate
CEO Mibbinbah Limited

M: 0416 173 975
P: PO Box 256 N
Cairns North 4870
picture of flags

Recent publications:

Bulman,J and Hayes,R. (2015) Deadly Groups: Working well with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males. Group work in Australia.

Bulman, Jack. (2012) Mibbinbah, a safe space to find your voice. Health Issues: Journal of the Health Issues Centre

Tsey, K. Chigeza, P. Holden, C. Bulman, J. Gruis, H and Wenitong,M.(2012) Evaluation of the pilot phase of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health Module. Australian Journal of Primary Health.

Bulman, J. and Hayes, R. (2011) ‘Mibbinbah and Spirit Healing: Fostering safe, friendly spaces for Indigenous males in Australia.’ International Journal of Men’s Health. 10(1):6-25.

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