Wandoo Reintergration Facility

From April 30 to May 3 the Mad Bastards Team from Mibbinbah had the privilege of being invited to facilitate the ‘Mad Bastards Be the Best You Can Be Program’ inside the Wandoo Reintergration Facility located South of Perth. This is a minimum security facility for males under the age of 25 years, in the final 6 months of their sentence. It is an opt in environment where people have to request to be sent there from other facilities.

It is fair to say that it was an incredible experience for everyone involved. Jack Bulman of Mibbinbah and Dean Daley-Jones from Mad Bastards facilitated the program. Dean is a traditional owner of the land that the Wandoo Facility sits on, and on the final morning conducted a smoking ceremony, which was a particularly powerful because the fellas had been hoping to hold one for several months.

We began the week with 13 participants, however by the end of the week we were up to 20. Here is some of the feedback from Wandoo:

“I never really thought I had an alternative to prison – now I feel i can change my life”

“I really appreciated getting hope back – they made me feel I can do it”

“That was the best thing prison has ever done for me”

Participants at the Wandoo Reintergration Facility

“We really appreciate the effort you went to in putting together and delivering an excellent program at Wandoo. I believe it will be life changing for the residents and for Wandoo. We look forward to continuing working with you in the future.”

Wendy Sinclair – Director – Wandoo Reintegration Facility

“One of the best things we have ever done!”

Alan Fealy – Manager, Education, Training and Employment – Wandoo Reintegration Facility

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