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Mibbinbah would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands upon which we walk and work. We pay our respects to the Elders past and present. We rejoice with the rising generation and are working for their brighter future.

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Mibbinbah’s Vision

(i) Using ‘proper way’ to create safe spaces for spirit healing, empowerment, celebration and education & training. (ii) Enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to regain their rightful place in society, whatever that may be in any community.





Mibbinbah’s Story


Mibbinbah is Australia’s only national Indigenous male health promotion charity. It seeks to undertake a range of activities to build the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island male groups and their communities across Australia. Mibbinbah is also known as Mibbinbah Men’s Spaces, because of its strong leadership in its advocacy of establishing culturally safe spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to explore and enrich their identity, well-being and skills.




Mibbinbah maintains links with a national network of over 600 Indigenous males and community groups across Australia. It seeks to celebrate the great diversity of culture and language represented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Since 2007, Mibbinbah has coordinated a national program of events for males from these communities, including an annual men’s camp. Please explore the site to learn more about Mibbinbah’s camps and other community activities.

Mibbinbah began as a unique participatory action research project. It built on the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders Dr Mick Adams and Professor Mark Wenitong and their insights into improving men’s health and well-being through strengthening connection to culture, identity and family. The Mob are grateful for the support they have had from the previous Social Justice Commissioners, Tom Calma and Mick Gooda.


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Mibbinbah is headed by Jack Bulman (CEO), a Muthi Muthi man from South Western NSW. Jack, who holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, is currently enrolling in a Master of Public Health course. He collaborates closely with his research partner, Dr Rick Hayes, a senior lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Together they have several peer-reviewed publications that explore what it means to be working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to enrich culture, develop skills and strengthen pride in identity.



The meaning of Mibbinbah


The two words Mibbin meaning Men or Eagle and Bah meaning place come from the Eastern Yugambeh Language of South Eastern Queensland. Therefore placing the two words together gives us Men’s placeThe Mibbinbah logo was designed and painted by local Tweed artist, Dean Rotumah.


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We would also like to take the opportunity to acknowledge an Yugambeh Elder who was to be the first Chair of Mibbinbah. His name is Uncle Bernie Williams and passed away too early. He took Jack under his wing when Jack arrived from Melbourne to work in Queensland. Uncle Bernie had so much knowledge and wanted to share and teach others about his culture. We at Mibbinbah pay our respects to all Elders who have passed.



The Mob


Image of Rick HayesDR RICK HAYES
Chair of the Board
La Trobe University

Rick acknowledges his family’s heritage with the Brothertown Indian Tribe of New York and Wisconsin. With his research and practice partner, Mr Jack Bulman, he has been engaged in research relating to Indigenous men, men’s sheds/spaces and health for a number of years. He is a leading researcher on non-pathologising approaches to men’s health in Australia. Rick’s work has repeatedly shown that men, in safe and well-facilitated groups associated with their networks, can and will talk about and engage their health related concerns.

In addition to being the Head of Department for Community Health at the School of Public Health and Human Biosciences in the Faculty of Health Sciences at La Trobe University, Rick coordinates the participatory field placement program and lectures in health promotion and public health.


CEO and Board Member (Second Term)
Mibbinbah Limited

Jack Bulman is a Muthi Muthi man from South Western NSW. Through the years Jack has been involved in a wide variety of community activities. Jack, received a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in public health from La Trobe University where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male’s Health became a passion. While at university, Jack was recruited to work in Men’s Health among Indigenous Males in Queensland. He worked for both community and government organisations.

Subsequently, Jack set up Mibbinbah – a Health Promotion Charity for Indigenous Males that focusses on building safe spaces for Aboriginal males with Rick. Both were mentored by Mick Gooda who was the CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health at the time. Jack is in high demand as a speaker and facilitator across the country. He specialises in providing support to community groups who need to work through their governance and leadership concerns. He is one of the co-creators of the Mad Bastards ‘Guide’: Be the best you can be.


Board Member (Second Term)
Edith Cowan University

Jason is a Noongar man with extensive family ties throughout the South-West of Western Australia. He has a background in environmental science, heritage, cultural tourism, land management, land care and in delivering cultural awareness and other educational programs.

Jason has coordinated research projects and stakeholder management initiatives and has completed the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre’s Certificate IV course for emerging Indigenous leaders. Jason has a growing national profile in the area of Indigenous men’s social and emotional wellbeing. He is leading the development of Kurongkurl Katitjin into an Interpretive Centre.


Board Member (Second Term)

David is a Nunukul-Nughi man and grew up in Brisbane. He studied Psychology at James Cook University of North Queensland in 1990; Medicine from University of Newcastle 1997; Masters of Public Health, Jerusalem 2001; and is a Fellow of Royal Australian Collage of General Practitioners.

David has worked as a doctor for Community Controlled organisations and in private practice as well as research and administration. He is currently based in Alice Springs and is Vice President of the Australian Indigenous Doctor’s Association. He is completing a second Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of Sexual Health Physicians.


Board Member (First Term)
La Trobe University

Mick, a Kamilaroi man, became a member of the board in the February 2013. However, he has been a supporter of Mibbinbah for a number of years. He is the Indigenous Employment Coordinator at La Trobe University in Victoria. Mick has a strong background in business and community governance. He has gained this expertise and knowledge both in the community and through tertiary education. He is familiar with and seeks to enhance pathways to and through higher education.

Mick’s contact network is both diverse and broad in scope; he has worked with such national companies as Qantas and has expertise working with the corrections community. He has a keen interest in cultural awareness and has supported a number of ventures to enable people to connect with their culture and county. Mick brings a number of practical skill sets to the board and great enthusiasm.



Mibbinbah Partner Sites


There have been a number of sites which have been part of the Mibbinbah story over the years. We would like to thank all the Project Associates and the people who supported them on their journeys. Many of the fellas who participated in Mibbinbah have transitioned into full-time and continuing employment. Some are managing programs and projects. Others have qualified as counselors and are working with the lads in community.

  1. Darwin, Northern Territory: Malcolm Darling
  2. Mt Druitt, New South Wales – Emerton Men’s Shed:
  3. Warrnambool, Victoria – Gunditjimara Co Op:
  4. Heidleberg, Victoria – I’m an Aboriginal Dad:
  5. Preston, Victoria – Aboriginal centre for males: Alf Bamblett
  6. Beaudesert, Queensland – Mununjali Housing:
  7. Herberton, QLD -Herberton Men’s group: Rob Wiseman
  8. Lismore, New South Wales – Rekindling the Spirit:
  9. Tweed Heads, NSW- Bugalwena Men’s Health Group: Charlie Fay
  10. Wilcannia, New South Wales – Wings Drop in Centre: Brendan Adams




Mibbinbah Supporters


Over the years the following organisations have provided financial and other resources for the support of Mibbinah. We would like to acknowledge this support and thank the organisations. Any institutions or organisations wishing to support Mibbinbah into the future are urged to contact the CEO, Jack Bulman, for further details (please see Contact Page).