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Mibbinbah’s Vision

(i) Using ‘proper way’ to create safe spaces for spirit healing, empowerment, celebration and education & training. (ii) Enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to regain their rightful place in society, whatever that may be in any community.

Mibbinbah’s Story

Mibbinbah is Australia’s only national Indigenous male health promotion charity. It seeks to undertake a range of activities to build the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island male groups and their communities across Australia. Mibbinbah is also known as Mibbinbah Men’s Spaces, because of its strong leadership in its advocacy of establishing culturally safe spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to explore and enrich their identity, well-being and skills.

Mibbinbah maintains links with a national network of over 600 Indigenous males and community groups across Australia. It seeks to celebrate the great diversity of culture and language represented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Since 2007, Mibbinbah has coordinated a national program of events for males from these communities, including an annual men’s camp. Please explore the site to learn more about Mibbinbah’s camps and other community activities.

Mibbinbah began as a unique participatory action research project. It built on the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders Dr Mick Adams and Professor Mark Wenitong and their insights into improving men’s health and well-being through strengthening connection to culture, identity and family. The Mob are grateful for the support they have had from the previous Social Justice Commissioners, Tom Calma and Mick Gooda (the latter is pictured below).

Mibbinbah Finding Pathways Camp/Beyondblue

Mibbinbah is headed by Jack Bulman (CEO), a Muthi Muthi man from South Western NSW. Jack, who holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, is currently enrolling in a Master of Public Health course. He collaborates closely with his research partner, Dr Rick Hayes, a senior lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Together they have several peer-reviewed publications that explore what it means to be working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to enrich culture, develop skills and strengthen pride in identity.